Que Sera

Hannah Montana

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2010-09-03
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 2:01

Music Video


  • D:

    By wowno!
    I miss Hannah Montana!
  • Suckz

    By ItzmiiC!!!;D
    Thtz not even miley! Notice how they dont even show her face? Wow she couldnt even make her own music video
  • I hate it

    By Nick11133
    It's a horrible song lyrics and singing
  • Pretty good, but tooo different

    By Koolkat33
    Hey people out there that don't know the meaning: I think the meaning is something like the breakup happened and I'm over u so forget about me. And anyway this song is good. I really loved hannah's old songs but now they r too different and I'm glad she's leaving Disney.
  • Gr8

    By mjfan133
    This video doesn't really show her but the video is different and the song is wonderful idc what haterz say lol but I <3 it!
  • que sera

    By lola_101_15
    this is the most crappy song/video i have EVER seen!!!! it doesnt have a point
  • no, no, no...

    By Gabrielle Viola
    the first 3 years of hannah montana were the best, miley looked happy to be there and the songs were good. I used to like her but i grew out of it... and now they r making videos like this!!!!!!!!!! is that even her???? i dont think disney can handle the fact that hannah montana is ending and miley is growing out of disney, watch the video can't be tamed if you don't believe me. i really hope disney doesn't try to keep hannah montana going with a different actress. this video hardly makes sense and that girl really cant b miley.
  • What The Heck

    By thhtyryt
    Its not even Miley. If she can't even be in her own music video she must be embaristed of theis song.
  • Mixed signals

    By swimer1214
    She told the world that after her last album she would go away for a while....and now this. I'm getting mixed signals and i'm glad she's leaving after Hannah Montana. She can't sing, act, or do anything!!!
  • Descent

    By NOYB56872658
    I Hate Hannahs song but the Beat and Vocals of the song is great...