Taylor Swift

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2010-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:10

Music Video


  • Fantastic

    By Frozenglacier
    It's a great video and Taylor is one of the only celebrities in this day and age that features other people (like crowds) in their videos. Sara Barielles did too, and it gives the video an aspect of "I'm not full of myself". Great job Taylor!
  • Fearless <3

    By Night Winds
  • #1fan

    By Tj n.
    Thanks for let me (TJ ) and Cade love'n you #1fans!
  • You rock

    By Bigfan122344555
    I love you Taylor you are the best singer I know
  • Love you

    By Ashlyer
    I love you !!!!!'
  • Admit

    By Cody is awesomeness
    I hate to admit it but I only found out recently this was an official music video. It was amazing though and Taylor has such a sweet heart and personality. (:
  • Love it

    By Cocoluv123
  • Luvlee

    By Did u just pee marshmallows?
  • Yes...

    By Godswisdomaddict!!
    Goes to show how unselfish she is, or she tries not to let all this stuff get to her head, unlike a lot of stars, Taylor is different. I mean, look at Miley Cyrus, you call her an example of being mature? It's really not ENTIRELY about the songs, it's the person's character and personality. I mean, it's hard to think it, but what if Taylor was a jerk? ( which she isn't) Then nobody would like her! Great job, Taylor!!
  • Love the song, hate the video

    By TaylorSwift is the best!
    As u can see by my name, I'm a huge fan of Taylor swift, but the video dissappointed me big time. I mean, concert videos? seriously? I expected her on the rain with like a prom dress on or skydiving for the hands first fearless part. I LOVE this song. Sang it in a talent show. So, I hope she foes more videos like teardrops on my guitar and you belong with me. I did, however, give it 4 stars because this is just a slip up that she has already fixed. So good luck with your nxt vd Tay!

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