This Is Me

Demi Lovato

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2008-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 1:46

Music Video



    By Erin Colburn
    camp rock is one of my fave disney channel movies it's what made me notice demi and i become a fan of hers i also became an even bigger jonas fan as well and have been a fan of both the jobros and demi ever since this song is so good her vocals in this song are mind blowing she nails it and joe jonas's voice in this song shine so good with demi's i also love the message behind this song being yourself is always the best way to go instead trying to be fake cause when yourself that's when you truly shine like a star
  • she's so AWESOME!!

    By coolskirvgirl
    this song i really really love….. its my go to song when i am mad or sad or even happy!! i have to say that she is awesome and i get goose bombs hearing this love er!
  • Wow

    By Frozenglacier
    So good! Keep it up Demi! Now I will definetly watch Camp Rock sometime soon!
  • amazing

    By sjdeckert
    absolutely amazing! nothing like most of the untalented singers these days... and for those people saying she cant sing... have you heard her sing live?! and so what if the dancing isnt the best in the world... dont blame er she didnt choreograph it... if you cant say anything nice then dont leave a review and dont say anything at all GO DEMI!!! <3 <3
  • Terrible

    By natihawk
    You call that dancing? Try being on dancing with the stars!

    By Zep12222
    DEMI IS SUCH A FAIL not trying to be mean but still thumbs down 👎👎
  • Asome

    By Princess 78
    I loved it:) :) :).
  • ....

    By Chicagoeb
    Im about ready to scream. DISNEY IS THE BEST AND ALL U FREAKIN HATERS.. PLS JUST SHUT UP AND KEEP IT 2 URSELF OK. I love this song and it's so sad about wat happened 2 demi
  • Omg!!!

    By Marilov568
    All those people who say that demi can't sing are deaf or some thing she has the most real and wonderfull voice i've heard in a while. And stop the selna gomez comparing selena can't sing at ALL she all autotune, she does not have any musical talent at all. And demi IS an incredible actor, and a great dancer so, all you 7 years old little selema fans stop writing stupid comments
  • demi

    By Char43690
    the type of song that isnt auto-tuned on disney like bella throne and whatever coleman

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