Redeemer of Souls (Deluxe Version) - Judas Priest

Redeemer of Souls (Deluxe Version)

Judas Priest

  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2014-07-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 18

  • ℗ 2014 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited


Title Artist Time
Dragonaut Judas Priest 4:26
Redeemer of Souls Judas Priest 3:58
Halls of Valhalla Judas Priest 6:04
Sword of Damocles Judas Priest 4:54
March of the Damned Judas Priest 3:56
Down In Flames Judas Priest 3:55
Hell & Back Judas Priest 4:46
Cold Blooded Judas Priest 5:25
Metalizer Judas Priest 4:37
Crossfire Judas Priest 3:51
Secrets of the Dead Judas Priest 5:41
Battle Cry Judas Priest 5:18
Beginning of the End Judas Priest 5:07
Snakebite Judas Priest 3:14
Tears of Blood Judas Priest 4:19
Creatures Judas Priest 4:25
Bring It On Judas Priest 3:18
Never Forget Judas Priest 6:25


  • WOW !

    By Basin St. Papa
    This is the BEST Priest CD without a doubt. With age comes experience and refnement ... Battle Cry shows it ...THANKS !!!!!
  • Very Under rated

    By Creeper Tamer 31
    Has good metal way better than albums like turbo
  • Bland Grind. Like Gas Station Coffee.

    By Frankentron9000
    If you're really hurting for some Priest and have nothing else to play, I suppose it's alright. But there's nothing really catcy in any of these songs... just the standard grinding guitars and beats with nothing fresh. They haven't made a groundbreaking album since Screaming for Vengeance, and there's nothing left for them to prove. This is just going throught the motions to keep the brand alive. In addition, the production sounds like the engineer put blankets over the microphones. It's always nice to know your heroes are still alive, but this doesn't bring anything to their legacy. This is just more proof that rock, like all forms of popular music, is dead and gone.
  • Ehhhh…...

    ehhhhhh, ughhhh, pfffft,
  • doesnt sound like "priest"

    By TonyFromSyracuse
    been a fan for a long time...but this doesnt seem like priest...its as if they took songs another metal band wrote and covered them. I cant reconcile this with the band that put out defenders of the faith also rob sounds really reserved...there really is no... OMG... rob halford moments wheer he does something that makes you think METAL these songs are weak. I hope they do more albums but I hope KK comes back and they have to original lineup. I dont like this generic metal priest. I hope a new priest comes out of the dawn with a new album...a priest album.
  • Love it

    By K_While
    I saw them perform a lot of these songs live and they sounded amazing. One of my favorite Priest albums.
  • Preist Rules

    By LT4USMC
    Was in Vegas 10/17 from TX, my Girfriend had never been to a Metal Show, I don't call Van Halen metal. She lost he rtooth filling during March Of The Damned and swares it was the best show she's ever seen! Thanks Rob for returning to the Preist and sling out a couple more albums. We'll be out there Jam'n........
  • The Priest still rocks! Metal Gods!

    By Running_Fox
    Being 49 years of age,I've seen them live many times in my youth. As they age, so do I! I have my last chance to see them live in San Fransisco, CA! The song Never Forget speaks to me & my wife. Rob, Glenn, Ian, Ritchie you thank us? No, thank you for carrying me through good times & bad times times! Thank you for your efforts! \m/ with love, The Greywolves!
  • sounds good

    By a r davis
    sounds like iced earth!
  • First 5 are instant classics

    By Ktopping2229
    I had this playlist on a loop for months after I got it. I will always miss KK but this is a really good effort they still kick butt. Uncle Rob still delivers the goods!

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