Seven + Mary - Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Seven + Mary

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2013-11-19
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • β„— 2013 RKS Recordings


Title Artist Time
Fail! Rainbow Kitten Surprise 3:14
Mr. Redundant Rainbow Kitten Surprise 3:30
First Class Rainbow Kitten Surprise 5:43
Shameful Company Rainbow Kitten Surprise 3:41
Seven Rainbow Kitten Surprise 3:45
Devil Like Me Rainbow Kitten Surprise 3:08
American Hero Rainbow Kitten Surprise 4:32
All That and More (Sailboat) Rainbow Kitten Surprise 2:51
Hey Pretty Momma Rainbow Kitten Surprise 2:38
Black and White Rainbow Kitten Surprise 3:06
That's My Shit Rainbow Kitten Surprise 3:20


  • Great album

    By TruthBeTold9
    Perfect album for an introspective road trip through Appalachia.
  • Why

    By the rooster96
    This is trash like the worst thing ever
  • Hands down best songwriting I've ever heard

    Rainbow kitten surprise fell upon me one afternoon when I went to a friends house. Her roommate had Lady Lie playing, the atmosphere was perfect for the song. Imagine this you walk into a sunny and very cozy LA studio in the North Hollywood not the most high end but homey. The windows are open the sun is pouring in and you here this serenading sound just filling every square inch of the studio up. And you notice a smile creep upon your face and your mood suddenly spike so much so that you are overwhelmed with a feeling of being in the most comfortable environment ever created. That was my 1st experience with RKS. After that encounter I couldn't get enough, I did my research found out about the band that they were just a couple of good ole' boys from the sticks. Okay, well now I'm just ranting but buy every song and album RKS has put out and will put out. They are gonna be the biggest thing since sliced bread. That's big guys, huge, monumental. Okay rant over buy there songs. Done.
  • Fail!

    By E3_____
    I played Fail! After taking the SAT and realized I probably won't get into college
  • πŸ”₯

    By Cjw97
    One of the greatest sounds of this generation.
  • Where

    By I_binge
    have you been all my life RKS!?!
  • Pure Amazingness!!

    By I'm as Epic as an Epic Face
    This is the best album ever created. These guys need more fans😊😊
  • So fresh and so clean

    By __sam_morris__
    I wish all the success to this band. I first heard "Devil Like Me" and thought it'd be the best on the album. I was so wrong. This album is so dynamic that it's been impossible for me to get tired of. I will continue to tell everyone about this band. They're the bees knees.
  • Just buy it, you will have no regrets

    By margasaurus
    My sister found this band and showed them to me and I have never gone back. This music is soul filling, poetic, and catchy. I'm in love with this band and every single song on this album. I don't usually buy music but I support these guys so much that it's worth it 1000%. There is literally nothing about this band that is unlikeable. LISTEN TO THIS BAND
  • Must listen!

    By Babrox
    These guys are great. They are my favorite band, totally under appreciated

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