Take a Look in the Mirror - Korn

Take a Look in the Mirror


  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2012-04-24
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2003 Sony Music Entertainment


Title Artist Time
Right Now Korn 3:09
Break Some Off Korn 2:35
Counting On Me Korn 4:49
Here It Comes Again Korn 3:33
Deep Inside Korn 2:46
Did My Time Korn 4:04
Everything I've Known Korn 3:34
Play Me (feat. Nas) Korn 3:21
Alive Korn 4:30
Let's Do This Now Korn 3:18
I'm Done Korn 3:23
Y'all Want a Single Korn 3:17
When Will This End Korn 14:23


  • Korn ii, if there was one

    By MiahDrao
    We all know about their self-titled album, laying the foundation of their sound. And we know about Korn iii, Remember Who You Are, but where's Korn ii? Look no further than Take A Look In The Mirror. This album celebrates their 10th Anniversary since their demo in 1993, and even one track from that demo, Alive, appears on this album. This album was self-produced, and they regress back into their older sound. I think this album features a lot of screaming vocals from Jonathon Davis. Head refers to this album as "the worst record we ever made," but I don't think it's bad. It just didn't advance their sound the same way the last two albums did. Right Now - 7/10 Brutal opener from start to finish. Break Some Off - 9/10 Very heavy. And it's short, I might add. Lots of screaming. Counting On Me - 9/10 Most relatable song. Love it. Here It Comes Again - 8/10 Good track. Melodic and heavy. Deep Inside - 6/10 This features from time signature changes between 4/4 and 6/8. Nothing super technical, but it's cool. Did My Time - 7/10 Korn classic, right here. It's good. Everything I've Known - 7/10 I really appreciate how this track slows everything down. It's relatively serene and gives variation to the album. Play Me - 8/10 I don't think Nas contributes much to this song as the lyrics he has are relatively unintelligent and hurt the song more than help it. When Korn seizes control again at the bridge, then this track is SOLID. Alive - 6/10 Originally featured on their demo, but never released as it morphed into Need To from their first album. Need To is a better rendition, I think, but still, this song is neat. Let's Do This Now - 8/10 Sick bagpipe intro. Fast and brutal. I'm Done - 9/10 This is my personal favorite. Great melody and riff. Y'all Wanna Single - 8/10 Playful. Short and heavy. You either like this one or you don't. When Will This End - 6/10 Decent closer. Really resembles the sound they had in their first album.
  • For some reason this is Jonathan Davis' least favorite album, but I love it!

    By RBarry04553
    I guess the band must have just been going through a hard time in their lives when they put this album together and maybe that's why JD doesn't like it. For me it's right up there with their first album, Untouchables, and Follow the Leader on the list of my favorite Korn albums. The whole album is very heavy and everyone in the band just sounds great. I hesitated in purchasing this one for a while but I really feel like it's severely underrated. Now since I got it a few months ago I have to listen to it just about every day! The 3 songs together - Did my Time/ Everything I've Known/ Play Me (with Nas - a very underrated song - I think it's a great solid performance and by far Korn's best metal/rap song) are one of the best sets of 3 songs in a row I've ever heard. If you like Korn's sound on their first album I think you won't be disappointed with this.
  • Amazing

    By take a look in the mirror ¡
    I believe this is one of their best albums. It is grungy and really just amazing. there's a lot of loud bass slaps (example: "Alive") and I love the older sounding KoRn preferably, but that's just my opinion. overall, this album is worth your money, definetely!

    By TheGreyGhost88
    By far my favorite KoRn album! Heavy as hell!
  • Yeah

    By Franky the stump
    This album is worth it and in the is awesome because they do a Metallica cover
  • Awesome

    By J-melv
    Awesome is simply all I can say about this album. Speechless.
  • Great album

    By realjaimediaz
    This was Korn's last great album. After Head left it all went bad for this band.
  • Amazing album

    By Miste Scrotus
    Underrated. This album is so well done every song is incredible.
  • Underrated

    By John Willis
    Last good, heavy album they put out
  • totally underrated

    By Mikex5
    this is by far one of the most underrated korn albums. it is SO awesome. Break Some Off is one of the most amazing song i've ever heard and then Alive takes you back to the Neidermeyer's Mind days. Get this album right now you will not be dissapointed.