Demolition - Judas Priest


Judas Priest

  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2001-07-31
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 2001 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. f


Title Artist Time
Machine Man Judas Priest 5:35
One On One Judas Priest 6:44
Hell Is Home Judas Priest 6:18
Jekyll and Hyde Judas Priest 3:19
Close to You Judas Priest 4:28
Devil Digger Judas Priest 4:45
Bloodsuckers Judas Priest 6:18
In Between Judas Priest 5:41
Feed On Me Judas Priest 5:28
Subterfuge Judas Priest 5:12
Lost and Found Judas Priest 4:57
Cyberface Judas Priest 6:45
Metal Messiah Judas Priest 5:14


  • Epic c

    By AS2485
    Rob Halford is the metal god. Tim Ripper is the scream machine. Love them both
  • Undoubtedly Priests Worst. For Some Reason, iTunes has this instead of the Superior Juggulator

    By Priestfan421
    Demolition is by far a step down from the previous effort with Ripper, and it tries too hard to adhere to the current trends of the day and it alienates itself by doing so. The tracks are almost all completely mediocre compared to Juggulator, and Rippers previously shown power is now squandered on tracks that only use the mediocre bits of his vocal arsenal. Instead of pulling out the truly big guns and going full speed ahead to prove that they didn't need Halford to keep going, the band sort of downshifts into a lower gear and it hurts the album badly. There are songs that would be soaring and high range vocally had they been on Juggulator that are now reduced to mid and low range snoozefests. The album isn't the worst thing ever as some might lead you to believe, but it's inferior to Juggulator in every way.
  • Decent in places, but overall Priest's lowest point

    By King Grantavius III
    There's not a Judas Priest album that I do not like, but Demolition I found is the most difficult to sit through (even considering the staggering length of Nostradamus, it was still mostly engaging to me). I have no problem with Ripper's voice, he's a very capable singer and one of very few people who could temporarily fill Halford's shoes, and I have no problem with the band's delving into industrial/nu metal influences. The style actually works well with songs like "Machine Man" and "Bloodsuckers", and Tipton and Downing's typical songwriting craft holds over even in this unfamiliar territory. That being said, most of the songs are just too long. "Hell is Home", "Subterfuge", and "One on One" all start out strong but end up getting nowhere, muddled in repetition of riffs and melodies that weren't amazing to begin with. After 13 songs, most of them just don't stand out. It's not that the style doesn't fit the band, it's more they just didn't have enough to do with it. Demolition is worth listening to hardcore, if for no other reason then just to give it a chance and find a few songs that you can come back to. But it doesn't touch the band's classics.
  • Not great but not horrible

    By Brybarion
    The music is heavy and I love Rippers voice. However, lyrically it isnt that impressive. Cant blame him fully. Priest needed a vocalist because they wanted to continue with or without Halford. Its different, but I like it.
  • An awesome album that you've never heard - And will never see/hear LIVE either

    By blknblu33
    I've been a Judas Priest fan my whole life and Halford IS the Metal God! And that's too bad for Tim "The Ripper" Owens as he's one hell of a singer too. I have to admit I grudgingly listened to Jugulator (Rippers first album with JP). I liked it but it didn't make my head swoon. Then, years later, I heard DEMOLITION and was blown away! For the first week after getting it I couldn't stop playing it. I didn't listen to anything else! Throughout this album you'll hear similarities between Rob and Tim's voice. But there's enough of a difference to give the music it's own distinct sound and feel. At times It sounds to me like a young, and angry version of Halford! This is heavier metal than your normal Judas Priest album. I wish I had been paying attention to JP when the "Ripper" was fronting the band. I would of loved to of caught the Demolition tour. And there lies the problem with this under rated album - Nobody was paying attention so nobody knows about it! If you were like me you followed Rob to FIGHT and Resurrection/Crucible/Made of Metal. And now that Rob's back in charge of JP nobody ever will hear about it. Do yourself a favor and pick up this killer trip through the Rippers world of Judas Priest metal. It's a fun ride. Unfortunately it's from a time that has passed and we'll never get to see/hear a live version of it.
  • The Ripper

    By BrutalBrutus
    I really like the Ripper ERA of Priest. It took me a really long time to get around to it, but these tracks stand the test of time and still sound fresh today in 2011. Tim Owens is a very underrated vocalist. He has done some awesome stuff with Iced Earth, and let's face it he would be more successful if he hadn't been the guy to replace the greatest Metal vocalist of all time (with Dio being a very close second). The other thing that really impresses is the music itself. While Halford was out hiring young guns to support his solo stuff, Tipton, Downing put down some of the heavist fastest licks they ever have on this release. It's really worth a listen-which you can do here for free!
  • Don't pass it by because of no Halford

    By aaronhope
    Demolition is in some ways an improvement over its predecessor, Jugulator. Both albums, however, deliver some fine moments. This album is probably the farthest from Priest you will ever hear them, even farther than Jugulator (and yes, you Nostradamus haters, farther than that too). There are parts you can feel inspiration of such bands as Pantera, Metallica, and Megadeth. There are also parts influenced by pop and techno, as weird as that sounds; just listen to "Metal Messiah". Now while all this may sound bad, especially for Priest, it is really not a bad album. It is hardcore, sometimes violent, always very defiant (as metal should be), and definitely out in its own category. I'd recommend "Bloodsuckers", "Hell Is Home", "Lost and Found", and the opener. No, Rob Halford is not a part of this album. But even as a loyal Priest fan you'd be pretty shallow to dismiss it out of that. Just buy it and give it an honest listen. It's not bad.
  • Sounds good

    By kannibal kreation
    I'm just getting into Judas Priest so I know nothing of the halford era, but this sounds like really good Heavy Metal to me.

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