A Reality Tour (Bonus Track Version) [Live] - David Bowie

A Reality Tour (Bonus Track Version) [Live]

David Bowie

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2010-01-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 35

  • ℗ 2009 Sony Music Entertainment


Title Artist Time
Rebel Rebel David Bowie 3:30
New Killer Star David Bowie 4:59
Reality David Bowie 5:08
Fame David Bowie 4:12
Cactus David Bowie 3:01
Sister Midnight David Bowie 4:37
Afraid David Bowie 3:28
All the Young Dudes David Bowie 3:48
Be My Wife David Bowie 3:15
The Loneliest Guy David Bowie 3:58
The Man Who Sold the World David Bowie 4:18
Fantastic Voyage David Bowie 3:13
Hallo Spaceboy David Bowie 5:27
Sunday David Bowie 7:56
Under Pressure David Bowie 4:18
Life On Mars? David Bowie 4:40
Battle for Britain (The Letter David Bowie 4:55
Ashes to Ashes David Bowie 5:46
The Motel David Bowie 5:44
Loving the Alien David Bowie 5:17
Never Get Old David Bowie 4:18
Changes David Bowie 3:51
I'm Afraid of Americans David Bowie 5:17
Heroes David Bowie 6:58
Bring Me the Disco King David Bowie 7:56
Slip Away David Bowie 5:56
Heathen (The Rays) [Live] David Bowie 6:24
Five Years David Bowie 4:19
Hang On to Yourself David Bowie 2:50
Ziggy Stardust David Bowie 3:44
Fall Dogs Bomb the Moon David Bowie 4:11
Breaking Glass David Bowie 2:27
China Girl David Bowie 4:17
5:15 the Angels Have Gone David Bowie 5:22
Days David Bowie 3:25


  • Greatest Live Album Ever

    By Da Cow 2.7
    Period. That being said the tracklist here is out of order.
  • A must-buy for serious musicians!

    By Ryan in L.A.
    Bowie always recruits the best session players for his live shows, but the line-up on "A Reality Tour" is off the hook. The setlist covers a remarkable stylistic range ("Changes" to "Battle of Britain" to "Be My Wife" to "Hallo Spaceboy") and somehow it all fits. Some casual fans might want to hear more "classics" but I'd encourage you to buy this album and discover some of Bowie's new material, particularly songs like "Afraid," "The Loneliest Guy," and "5:15," all hidden gems. This album has been on constant rotation in my iPod for a few months now.
  • DB LIVE!

    By Xbahn
    Only disappoint is that is doesn't include one of my all time favorite songs, Heroes…missing classic, especially Live.
  • Awesome Live Bowie

    By David Colbert, Pittsburgh PA
    Saw this tour live in Pittsburgh, PA and it's just as awesome to hear it again. This was my first David Bowie concert after 30 years worth of other concerts and it will be one of the memorable ones (in the Benedum Center). If you're even a remote Bowie fan, buy this and you'll become a closer one. Bowie INVENTED a rock genre with glam rock.... ROCK ON!
  • I WAS There! 9 Rows Back!

    By xiape
    I've seen more live shows than I can count, not just little or local--I saw Alice In Chains in their prime; I've seen Pink Floyd, U2 several times; Clapton; The Foo Fighters, intimately, from the first row as they did their acoustic set during their last tour; Neil Young, WITH backstage passes--literally, if you name the act I've likely seen them live at some point (Infectious Grooves, Taylor Hawkins, No Doubt, NIN, Jane's Addiction, Phil Collins, Rage Against the Machine, Street Sweeper Social Club, Pearl Jam (1992), Ice-T, BB King, Dave Matthews Band, Pat Metheny Group, Joshua Redman Quartet (outside on the grass at Scottsdale Museum of Modern Art), and on and on and on. I've seen so many live shows of so many great acts that I've actually forgotten how many, like forgetting to mention the Grateful Dead ('93) in that list. The omissions are egregious & embarrassing, but when you've seen as many great shows as I have, you really only remember them when you go through your shoebox FULL of ticket stubs (Primus, 311 several times including from the pit). My point to all this? Out of all the acts I've seen, this was BY FAR, the BEST show I've ever seen! Bowie is funny, engaging, brilliant of voice, beyond musically gifted, vocally incredible, & a performer without parallel. If he ever tours again, I'll do whatever it takes to get the most incredible seats in the house. If you love live music, if you love great musical performances, if you just like the spontaneousness of the live performance, this album is not to be overlooked. I'll say this once: you cannot possibly regret buying ANY Bowie live album, but for this tour in particular, he was in rare form, a force of nature without equal in either the earthly or divine realms. In this & EVERY parallel universe that exists or may exist, David Bowie in full throat during a live performance simply IS godly!
  • An awesome cd from an awesome live show!

    By TheCopperDragon
    If you were not able to go to any of Bowie's Reality tour shows, or were fortunate enough to see him live, this cd is a must-have. Gail blows Freddy out of the water covering "Under Pressure", and Bowie's new lyrics and melodies are the best he's had in a while. Must have if you are a Bowie fan of any level!
  • Sunday

    By LV2MOVE
    great song
  • Wish I Could Have Been There

    By Walkin' Dude
    I hope there is another tour to come. This is a great live album but if this is all that I ever get... well lets hope for another tour. The set list is mixed nicely with older songs played between newer songs. It is interesting listening to this after one of the earlier shows. His voice is so different now with years of use. It has aged well even if he can't quite hit the same notes that he used to.
  • FINALLY!!!

    By Ramona A. Stone
    Itunes has finally but this up for sale!This album is pretty much a collection of Bowie's best songs. Every track is great, and it's deffinately worth buying. It's also a good choice for someone who is just starting to like Bowie. I'd recommened it to anyone
  • good, but...

    By spanghew
    ...the actual CDs (2-disc set) are being sold at a single-disc price - so paying $16.99 for AAC files seems a bit much (I paid $13 for two CDs...)