Still Unbroken - Single - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Still Unbroken - Single

Lynyrd Skynyrd

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2009-07-13
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

  • ℗ 2009 The All Blacks U.S.A. Inc. Issued Under License To Roadrunner Records From The Al


Title Artist Time
Still Unbroken Lynyrd Skynyrd 5:06


  • Idiot Reviewers

    By BSengIV
    1. Its spelt Lynyrd Skynyrd thank you. Not Lynrd Skynrd. You cant say nothing if you cant spell the name. 2. It isnt a bunch of randoms. Its Van Zant's brother idiot. He isnt a random dude. This band is amazing. Always has and always will be. Lynyrd Skynyrd is one of the greatest. And this isnt bad at all. Its rather good.
  • gods and guns

    By sknrd68
    i have been a skynyrd fan all my life.and this is one record worth listening to.the songs really hit home.GODS AND GUNS.need say no southern rock.
  • This song is awsome.

    By Redneck'09
    this song is great. buy it. you well love it.
  • Not really Skynyrd

    By Ejs1029
    Granted the song isn't bad, it isn't true Skynyrd. It doesn't have the same feel. They can't bring back the dead, and they really shouldn't try. This is more like new country rather than southern rock.
  • Tradition Rolls On.

    By The Iron Pirate
    Skynyrd's first song without Billy Powell and his great piano work. True the band has taken many different shapes over the years, but the music and the messages have remained true to the original band and its reason for being formed in the first place way back when. They love to make music and play from their heart. This song truly proves once again that these guys do just that. Not only do they represent blue collar America. They live it! Never straying to far from their family n the roots of true southern rock. Gary Rossington is one of the greastest songwriters in music and greatly overlooked when the so-called critics rate songwriters. He has written or co-written some of the greatest songs and guitar riffs in rock history. Most music lovers know and have a place for a Skynyrd song somewhere in their life that makes them sing outload when they hear it. Just like Ronnie and the boys wanted so many years ago. The same reason todays band is still playing. Skynyrd fans understand that. You can feel the music in your soul. If you dont get it, then you are really missing out. Once again, great job boys.
  • 100% Skynrd, 100% Great

    These old Southern Boys still know how to throw it down and show us all how it's done and what it means to be Southern Rock. The heart, the soul, the feeling it's all still. Thank you guys for continuing to fly the flag with pride!
  • Still Unbroken

    By Chip Rogers
    Country radio's crazy if they don't pick this up. Although Hughie Thomasson wrote this a couple of years ago, it couldn't be more relevant today since so many once and future Skynrd fans are dealing with double digit unemployment and an economy that seems to be only getting worse. All that being said, the song rocks! I'd assume they'll do some kind of edit if it does get any airplay, but I hope they keep that killer solo about 3 minutes into the song..................................
  • This IS NOT Lynyrd Skynyrd!

    By jimsr954
    This is the Gary Rossington Band, or at best the tribute band. Gary is the only one left who spent any time in Skynyrd prior to the plane crash.
  • For what it is

    By RiskeyLVC
    I like it. Who cares who's in the band or what they did before. Like this one for what it is.
  • I am kinda shocked

    By awell91
    I did not expect to like this song for one reason, it was not from the original singer. But after I listened to the whole thing I realized this is a really great song with alot of meaning. I think it's a buy.

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