Unleashed In the East (Live) - Judas Priest

Unleashed In the East (Live)

Judas Priest

  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 1987-05-06
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 1979 Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.


Title Artist Time
Exciter Judas Priest 5:38
Running Wild Judas Priest 2:53
Sinner Judas Priest 7:31
The Ripper Judas Priest 2:44
The Green Manalishi (With the Judas Priest 3:16
Diamonds and Rust Judas Priest 3:30
Victim of Changes Judas Priest 7:12
Genocide Judas Priest 7:19
Tyrant Judas Priest 4:32
Rock Forever Judas Priest 3:27
Delivering the Goods Judas Priest 4:07
Hell Bent for Leather Judas Priest 2:40
Starbreaker Judas Priest 6:00


  • Absolute Best Live Metal Album Ever!

    By MusicinM'Soul
    This album set the standard for all live metal to come - from the opening salvo of sonic genius which comprises Exciter, screaming through the insane cover of Joan Baez's Daimonds & Rust - to the very last note of Tyrant, this is live metal at it's finest. I was lucky enough to see Priest during this tour, and I relive that insane live show everytime I spin this platter. Never topped, if you are a metal fan, this is a must have.
  • Metal Gods!

    By DwightFrye
    As with most classic live albums, there has always been speculation about how “live” this release really is. Even if it’s partially studio creation, this album showcases the power of Priest live. The band sounds raw and tight. Halford’s piercing wail is always impressive and the precision of the twin lead guitar work of Tipton and Downing show why they are icons in the metal world. For the most part, these versions of Priest classics surpass their studio counterparts by a wide margin. Songs such as Genocide, Tyrant, and Green Manalishi take on new life and I would argue that these are the quintessential versions of The Ripper and Victim of Changes. This record is a barn burner. Download and crank it up!
  • JUDAS PRIEST - Unleashed In The East

    By Basketball Genius 54
    Archetypal live album....PRIEST crushin it!
  • Best live metal albumn ever!

    By 5150pjl
    The sound quality, the tunes, and the epic recording of victim of change... this stands alone as one of the best live recordings Ive ever heard. And as a Priest albumn its also one of my favorites. So much energy in this raw work of art!
  • This album got me hooked by Missypup 1

    By Maxie girl 1
    I was in the record factory in Brooklyn NY just looking at the racks & I was in the K rack looking at the Kiss albums then to my left I saw this album cover that caught my eye & it was unleashed in the east, I heard of priest before but never listened to them. I checked with the guy who worked there & the album was only out about 2 weeks I bought it listened to it & the next day I was back at the store buying all the previous albums but when they did they remixed it & added the other songs it just made a great album an awesome one everything on this album from Halford's voice,KK's & Glenn's guitar Ian's bass to the drummer Les Binks who was perfect I don't know the story behind it but his drumming was much better than Dave Holland who came after but Unleashed in the East is there best live album ever
  • My favorite JP album

    By superjeff
    Hands down, this album contains many of their best songs and they are better than the originals. They are faster and more electrifying than the studio versions. Often put at the top of lists on That Metal Show, it's my Judas Priest favorite. This is an expanded addition.... (FYI- the original cd is $3.99 on Amazon Prime last time I checked). Genoside is simply amazing, a guitar battle between Tipton and Downing. Running Wild, The Ripper, Victim of Changes.... all of them are Judas Priest at their very best. What soon followed is their exceptional studio album, Screaming for Vengeance. The two hit my player, to this day, regularly.
  • Judas is my Priest

    By Poly 47 wire
    I can't believe how good the music quality is on this live album.
  • Simply awesome!

    By Bob Esqui
    I saw this same tour at the long beach arena, great concert. I don't even remember who opened up for them, if you know what I mean 😎
  • Great live album.

    By Reckia6
    This album is tied with Sin After Sin for my favorite Judas Priest album. This is truly a tremendous live album. There are no long and boring drum solos and no audience sing-alongs and very little stage banter between songs, just a band that was on fire playing their butts off. My favorite song is Victim of Changes; this live version completely kicks the original studio version's rump! Great album.
  • Halford

    By Ttaylo
    Simply dominating performance. No one was better during this period. Greatest rock singer alive between the years of '75-'85.

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