Animal Rights - Moby

Animal Rights


  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 1997-02-11
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16

  • ℗ 1997 Elektra Entertainment


Title Artist Time
Dead Sun Moby 3:41 USD 0.99 SHEET MUSIC Download
Someone to Love Moby 3:09 USD 0.99 SHEET MUSIC Download
Heavy Flow Moby 1:56 USD 0.99 SHEET MUSIC Download
You Moby 2:33 USD 0.99 SHEET MUSIC Download
Now I Let It Go Moby 2:09 USD 0.99 SHEET MUSIC Download
Come On Baby Moby 4:30 USD 0.99 SHEET MUSIC Download
Soft Moby 3:55 USD 0.99 SHEET MUSIC Download
Anima Moby 2:26 USD 0.99 SHEET MUSIC Download
Say It's All Mine Moby 6:04 USD 0.99 SHEET MUSIC Download
That's When I Reach for My Rev Moby 3:55 USD 0.99 SHEET MUSIC Download
Alone Moby 10:46 USD Album Only SHEET MUSIC Download
Face It Moby 10:00 USD Album Only SHEET MUSIC Download
Old Moby 3:07 USD 0.99 SHEET MUSIC Download
Living Moby 7:01 USD 0.99 SHEET MUSIC Download
Love Song for My Mom Moby 3:44 USD 0.99 SHEET MUSIC Download
A Season In Hell Moby 3:59 USD 0.99 SHEET MUSIC Download


  • Great album!

    By TheMartinator
    Moby is a very talented electronic musician, I like how Moby mixes down tempo electronic, and heavy metal on this album. Eight songs are down tempo electronic, and the other eight are heavy metal. First of all, who creates heavy metal music if you're really an electronic artist? This shows you how unique Moby can be with his music, and with this album! Fatboy Slim, and Dirty Vegas are diffidently not electronic musicians that can do heavy metal like Moby can.
  • Very, Very good.

    By zach1432
    I was originally put off by this album, because of Moby's different sound and attempt at punk rock. But after giving it a few listens through, it most definitely grew on me. It has grown to be one of my favorite Moby albums, and by far his strongest in terms of showing his versatility. I highly recommend giving this one a try. 5/5
  • raw

    By phlook
    a belated review... this might be an obscure album by this point in time, yet having re-experienced it recently i am compelled to add a retrospective word. truthfully i was rocked by this album when it came out. it was a bipolar album - to be sure. a mood swinging and mind altering unbalanced collection. but it was RAW. it seized at you like a drowning person. if you actually listened to it you couldn't help but reach out to it and grasp its desperate voice. i can't speak for others, but it seems to me to more than stand the test of time. arcade fire now caries the torch for the socially conscious and philosophically reflective, but their current album is imbued with a nostalgic, misanthropic sentiment that comforts. whereas, even the somnambulant, ambient tracks on Animal Rights find their way into you with an uneasy melodic force that unsettles. it is an exercise as much as it is an experience - and hence all the more rewarding for it.
  • Animal Rights is right on.

    By quisten
    OK, wow. Elemental punk Moby. How amazing! While clearly his earlier and later releases have wider appeal, they lack the rawness of this one. I totally dig this album, especially "You" and "Come on Baby." And I love the double entendre the title conveys: the right of all animals to life on Earth and the right to artistic freedom of expression (despite, say, music industry pressures). Always honest and creative, Moby delivers messages the world needs to hear. He just enjoys mixing up how he delivers them. And there's a message in that. Diversify. Free your mind. Way to go, Moby. You just gained a standing ovation and another devotee.
  • Under rated Moby

    By Emmanuel_Goldstein
    This is one of Moby's most under rated albums. Personally I think this to be the definitive album for Moby. The vocals on this album are filled with emotions that are transferred to the listener. If you buy one Moby album make sure this is the one.
  • What A Pile

    By "Smoke" Is Hungry
    The first album I have ever bought from any musician that didn't have at least one decent song on it. No stars is not a choice or I would have picked that instead of one star. And for all the love this man has written in the first two paragraphs of his thoughts on the album, his next six are filled with pure hatred. I guess you shouldn’t read what any “Artist” really thinks! You should just listen and enjoy the music. By the way, I like my steak well done.
  • This is one of the best releases of the decade

    By boomboompants
    I love all of Moby's music....... but, Animal Rights was on a different level. Animal rights is a pure masterpiece. This CD wasnt made for the masses, it was made from the heart and reflects a moment in time for Moby. This cd takes you thru a pretty interesting and dark journey....everyone should listen to this one from the first note to the last...
  • nice...

    By Raimz
    expermentation with punk rock and industrial...sweet...
  • Beautilfuly Violent meets Somber Revenge

    By FreeLanceCritic
    Play was a crossover, money making machine. Everything Is Wrong was a club techno giant. Animal Rights was (and still is) a microcosm of my youth. Split second mind numbing guitar riffs mixed with melodic orchestral pieces that resemble smooth symmetrical ripples on the surface of the water. Great Music often follows great personal tragedy. I am thankful for Moby and this album. For it saved me from the top-40 pop culture in the mid-90’s. At the time, I could appreciate the grunge, admired the Hip-Hop revolution, but I was missing my own sound. It was a musical awakening. I am often asked to classify Moby’s style of music. My answer is often one that leads by example and experience and not by classification. Mr. Hall is music – all types – all kinds – to all people. He has something for everyone, and AR is an excellent example of a snapshot in his musical time. The track 'Living' is one of my personal favorites.
  • Another Look

    By Calvert
    props to moby for the rock tracks. this is a more of a 4 star effort in quality, but his is a tough act to follow and you can't always please everyone. The reason I gave Animal Rights a 5 star review is because (some of) the past raters have been less than generous lol