Vale - Black Veil Brides


Black Veil Brides

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2018-01-12
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2018 Republic Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc & Lava Music LLC


Title Artist Time
Incipiens Ad Finem Black Veil Brides 0:21 USD 1.29 SHEET MUSIC Download
The Last One Black Veil Brides 4:41 USD 1.29 SHEET MUSIC Download
Wake Up Black Veil Brides 2:42 USD 1.29 SHEET MUSIC Download
When They Call My Name Black Veil Brides 3:45 USD 1.29 SHEET MUSIC Download
The Outsider Black Veil Brides 3:46 USD 1.29 SHEET MUSIC Download
Dead Man Walking (Overture II) Black Veil Brides 8:34 USD 1.29 SHEET MUSIC Download
Our Destiny Black Veil Brides 3:24 USD 1.29 SHEET MUSIC Download
The King of Pain Black Veil Brides 4:30 USD 1.29 SHEET MUSIC Download
My Vow Black Veil Brides 2:48 USD 1.29 SHEET MUSIC Download
Ballad of the Lonely Hearts Black Veil Brides 3:51 USD 1.29 SHEET MUSIC Download
Throw the First Stone Black Veil Brides 4:05 USD 1.29 SHEET MUSIC Download
Vale (This Is Where It Ends) Black Veil Brides 4:10 USD 1.29 SHEET MUSIC Download


  • Masterpeice

    This is such an amazing album. 10/10 would recommend buying it
  • I really... just...

    By McSlizzy
    Wretched and Divine was a masterpiece in full, IV was great and awesome mostly, but Vale is just... terrible. The songs sound half-assed by a 10 year old, and I don’t like a single song. What happened here?
  • Never heard of them?!?

    By Rogue of hatred
    Randomly clicking on this band just makes my night 🤘
  • in love

    By Stu Dude 2.0
  • I LOVE BVB they are littt! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😹😿😻😺😽

    By Divaheartmaster
    This album is soooo good I bought both songs and I can't stop listening to them.Andy has the perfect vocals for this band and the guitarist is phenomenal he does a good job and it's just the best of the best so I say buy it if you want some good rock music I pre ordered this January 6 2018 And I Love all the songs I’m so happy it’s so litttt
  • Back from the dead!

    By 1234($8573647)();7;83
    They died after IV and now 4 years later they’ve made one of the greatest comebacks I’ve ever seen. Literally every song of this album sounds beautiful and perfect. The choruses make me want to run around screaming them in the name of bvb and the verses just make it 10 times better! I love this band and I’ll be here until the end. Thank you for an amazing album and I can’t wait to see you guys at the resurrection tour vip! 10/10
  • Preorder The Album & Ehh

    By Logan_Nicole
    I love Bvb and I have since the very beginning but I do agree that nearly all the songs have nearly exactly or similar to the same oooh type of chanting which has them all sounding pretty close to each other. Not to mention a lot of this album sounds more like Andy Black then BVB which I thought was the whole purpose of Andy having his solo career in order to not influence the band but oh well. I still don't feel hurt about buying this album because there is generally a couple songs I enjoyed I just wish I wasn't left feeling unsatisfied.
  • Huh?

    By Lindonjb
    Andy sounds like Nickelback and the rest sounds like crappy guitar you would hear on Guitar hero or your younger brother playing in his bedroom after discovering what angst is.
  • The sequel to Wretched and Devine

    By Epicnerdover9000
    Wretched and Devine is the pinnacle of Black Veil Brides. This album, although not quite as good, seems to take the best from Wretched and Devine, and add pop esq. vocal melodies along with more keyboard based production. Drums: 3 stars. Cc played it cool on this album with mainly simple, straight forward drum beats, they fit the songs well, but a bit more variety could go a long way. In terms of drum production, the drums sound great, as expected, but do leave a bit to be desired as the drums weren’t as well mixed as on Wretched and Devine. Bass: 5 stars. Ashley played to the groove of the track and made a solid low end to the tracks. Bass tones fit the songs perfectly. Guitar: 4.5 stars. The only reason I didn’t give the guitars on this record 5 stars is the guitar tone is less then great in my opinion, they most fit the song but sound a bit harsh in the upper mids. In terms of songwriting and performance, the riffs and chord progressions were incredible and intuitive, definitely with a resemblance to Wretched and Devine. Jake, The leads and Solos were masterful, although some of the licks did seem a bit generic. Otherwise, awesome guitars!! Violin: 5 stars. Jinx, you played to fit the songs and made them pop even more, masterful writing and playing, the production was excellent also. Keyboards and other production: 4 stars. I think they used a bit to much extra production on this album, but with what they did with it, it fit the song and did not detract from the rest of the song. The synth patches were awesome and well produced, but the piano did sound a bit bland and dull. (I might be biased on the Piano the most though as that is my main instrument) Vocals: 4.5 stars, great over all writing and lyricism, although some lines did get over repetitive. Minimal artifacts due to Pitch Correction (auto tune) but you can tell Andy did have a killer take to start with. I just wish he wouldn’t use it in the first place. In terms of production the vocals sound crisp and precise, they are mixed well and aren’t so loud they overpower the rest of the song. They have a good balance with the instruments and are well placed in the mix. Great job. Overall impression: 4 stars. This album is well written and produced. It seems like a logical sequel to Wretched and Devine, and I will probably listen to it on a semi regular basis. Great job guys! Keep up the good work! This has been my in depth review on Vale.
  • BVB does it again! Love it!!

    By AuntBrenda1
    Love the new album! WTG gentlemen!!

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