The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

The Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1973-03-01
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11

  • ℗ 2016 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Pink Floyd Music Ltd., marketed


Title Artist Time
Speak to Me Pink Floyd 1:05
Breathe (In the Air) Pink Floyd 2:49
On the Run Pink Floyd 3:45
Time Pink Floyd 6:53
The Great Gig in the Sky Pink Floyd 4:43
Money Pink Floyd 6:22
Us and Them Pink Floyd 7:49
Any Colour You Like Pink Floyd 3:26
Brain Damage Pink Floyd 3:46
Eclipse Pink Floyd 2:10


  • Epic Album

    By BDH1229
    This album defines concept album. It is fantastic with the composition, the music, and the lyrics. I could sit in a dark room and listen to this album over and over and over (and have done so) - and that’s without even using drugs.
  • Great Album

    By Floyd Review
    I’ve listened to Pink Floyd my hole life and I’ve never seen a deal this good on any Pink Floyd album ever. Also the songs are some of my favorites ever.
  • wahhh

    By xeldomx2
    dang... the lack of my favorite bands releasing new music has forced me to turn to the classics
  • One of the greatest concept albums of all times

    By Sound Chaser9
    Zuse2--have youi even p[layed this album through? Even once? I cannpot imagine that you cannot imagine its overwhelmiong popularity. My Dad purchased this back in 71 and p[layed it every Sunday morniong as we drove to the beach to spend the day. 47 years later and I still never tire of it. This album is melodic, moody, relaxing, and charming. This is a masterpiece's Masterpiece. Waters, Gilmour, and Mason (and RIP Rick Wright) wake up every day knowing they put this out there. Man, what a contribution.It was on the top ten for, what, 40 years? I'd say that's an accomplishment.
  • The best

    By kb 57
    Best ever recorded
  • Few Albums Are This Good

    By TygerX
    Released in 1973 Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon would spend 741 weeks (73-88) on the Billboard Album Charts. This is by far my favorite album by Pink Floyd. Give yourself a treat and listen to the whole thing, in order, with headphones. It's better than just about every other album out there.
  • Woah!! 🎸🥁🎹

    By Hawtdawg101
    The best
  • Best concept album

    By Carnage1701
    It stayed on the Billboard top 200 for 16 YEARS for a reason. Best concept album ever...and argruably the best album ever...period.
  • Hey MIllenials - this is real music!

    By The master of all masters
    Put down your triple lattes and toasted avacado sandwiches and listen to some geniuses making music. (PS - Ed Sheeren couldn't steal music this well made)
  • Dark Side of the Moon

    By 57mac96
    Itunes chopped the end of of most of the songs. Not the album I listed to years past. What gives Itunes the right to alter the Floyd's music. JEEZ !

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